Day Habilitation provides active treatment and developmental skills training designed to improve the functional abilities of individuals with disabilities.
asian girl with down`s syndrome painting in art class at school

Heritage Habilitation Day Activity Center is a social-educational day program that enables individuals with disabilities to explore, experience, and benefit from social, vocational, and educational opportunities.

We specialize in supporting individuals with significant mental, physical, and learning challenges. Our services are available for anyone receiving HCS, TxHmL, and GR services in Tarrant County.

The core of our program is activities, which enhance rehabilitative outcomes and offer genuine opportunities for our clients’ socialization with their peers in a relaxed, safe environment.

Therapeutic interventions, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, are provided through external community sources. However, our facility is available for therapy visits.

Until recently, individuals with severe and profound disabilities had very few adult day program options. Traditional program models benefit some individuals, but not everyone. Heritage offers an alternative to traditional day services by staying committed to community integration and exploration in real-life settings.

Heritage provides both full-time and part-time day habilitation.

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